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Aliens and Space Themed Slots Online review

Themed Slot

Whether we’re talking about a restaurant, book, themed party, or anything, we get fired up about space and alien themes. The slot machine manufactures and the slots developers online have rightly used this opportunity to introduce us to the world of alien and space-themed slots. Some have changed the game for slots lovers. Check out the article for top 3 alien and space themed slots online:

Alien Hunter

It is a video slot machine, manufactured by Playtech. With a maximum of 25 pay lines, the game’s appearance consists of five friendly yet unusual looking aliens on the reels, of which one offers a jackpot of 10,000 coins. The game also features bonus points, which is associated with three space symbols. When three or more spaceship symbols appear on the reels, the player is subjected to 25 free spins, when an egg symbol appears on the 1st and 5th position, then the player is up for a bonus game. Lastly, if the players manage to find the super egg, then they can double their bonuses, whereas finding an evil egg will abort the game immediately. With colourful graphics, background and sound effects, it’s a treat to the player’s eye.

Alien Hunter

Planet Exotica

As the name suggests, it is an exotic video slot machine that has five reels and 15 pay lines, designed by Microgaming. The game features five sensual alien strippers from different planets, a valet, a bartender and a bouncer. The game consists of wilds and scatters which allow the players for some free spins and bonuses. For instance, the smooch scatters, when displayed anywhere on the reels, calls for free spins and multi-player options. A green lipstick awards three extra spins and a pink lipstick awards 2x multi-players. The Sneak-A-Peek bonus is the most exciting feature of the game for which the players hunt. The game can be played on any of the online Microgaming sites.

Cosmic Future

It is a slot game that is built for the old school slot lovers, online. The game starts with a space invasion where a spaceman is born and takes the player on tour to the outer planets and introduces them to a different slot world, with spaceships, aliens and many more features. The slot follows a conventional reel structure and offers 15 pay lines and five different kinds of jackpots. The slot has exciting cascading reels that allow the players to earn an extra re-spin in the same round. This game also consists of scatters and wild, that grants the player with ten free spins which can be increased by playing and earning scatters on the reels. The game offers a rapid jackpot of 100 pounds and a mini jackpot of 500 pounds but can differ from one casino to another. They can be played online, which offers brilliant graphics and sound effects that take the players to another alien world.

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