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The best Esports gear to improve your skills

Esports gear

It’s no surprise that esports gaming is a real deal to many of the professional gamers out there. If you’re playing online video games for recreational purposes, then your old mouse, keyboard and monitor with a pair of earphones/ headphones will do just fine. But, if gaming is your career or you’re a part of the esports tournament, then it is vital to upgrade your rig. Whether professional or not, gaming gears are more of an essential, than a necessity. Owning some will not only enhance the experience but also improves your gaming skills to an extent.

Gaming mouse

The two crucial elements of a gaming mouse is the comfort and response time. If the mouse is too big or small for your palm, then it’ll be uncomfortable for you to play, especially if you’re in the middle of a frantic game. Reasonably priced mouse, from a famous brand, will work just fine. Response time is the action performed after you click the mouse. If there is a delay in the response time, then you might want to switch it up for a better one. Logitech manufactures the best gaming mouse in the market that has eight gaming buttons overall enhancing the experience and gameplay of a user.

Gaming mouse

Gaming Monitor

Gaming motor is vital while playing any kinds of esports games. Especially if you’re in a tournament or a league, you cannot work with a monitor that has more than 30ms lag. Hence, it is imperative to invest in the right monitor or a PC. That’s the thing about upgrading. If you change one rag, then you’ll be forced to change the others as well, to stay on top. One of the best in the market is Dell SE2417HG, which offers a response time of 2ms that is as fast a bolt of lightning. Due to its exotic features and specification, it is referred to as the ‘gaming monitor‘.


If you’re playing Xbox, PlayStation or any computer games via USB, then a controller is a must. Whether you’re playing a multiplayer or combating your enemies, shortcuts can always work wonders. One of the best in the market is the Razer Wildcraft that allows gaming shortcuts in just the blink of an eye. Another impressive one in the market is Logitech, which up scales the user’s convenience by providing wireless options and connections to Android TV’s.



Compared to speakers, headsets or headphones give you the real-time experience of a game. Some shooter or combat games like Call of Duty and Fortnite demands sensible hearing to follow the enemy’s footsteps. If not on an excellent headphone, you will not be able to spot your enemy. The mic options help when you’re playing multiplayer games or RTS, to communicate with your fellow teammates. Sennheiser GAME ONE is the one I would recommend as it is lightweight and has a crystal clear sound quality, which also cuts down outside noise.

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