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Top Slots Based On Movies


Movies have been part and parcel of life and pop culture for quite some time, so it is not surprising that they have been the basis of many wildly exciting slot games. Some of the most famous movie based slot games are listed below.

Pink Panther

Detective Clouseau and the Pink Panther diamond are quite familiar names because of the movie, and the animated kids show. Here the objective of the game is to trace the Pink Panther using the clues available. There is an option for a jackpot only game, and there are chances of picking up a legendary progressive as well.


This iconic character from the Silvester Stallone starrer Rocky was adopted for a classic slot machine makeover. It contains 5 reels with 25 paylines. The bet can be as small as a cent in value, but like in the movie, you can go from rags to riches very fast as a matter of chance. Getting 5 Rockys in a row can get you a 10,000x payback.



The movie franchise was an instant blockbuster and it is quite natural for slots to take advantage of the popularity. It can be more than one winner with a maximum win of up to 100,000 coins. The wilds in the game are also quite different, so it is an interesting game to try.

Planet of the Apes

Caesar comes alive on a slot screen as vibrant as the movies, and rightfully so. The movie features incredible CGI and impressive motion capture, reflected quite well on the slots as well. Even though there are no jackpot progressive jackpots the game interface is split into two screens so the pay lines are doubled from 20 to 40.

Planet of the Apes

The Dark Knight

The sequel to the Christopher Nolan directorial, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight was an exceptional movie with incredible performances from Christian Bale and Heath Ledger among others. It made its way into slots as easily as it captured the minds and hearts of people across the world. With fitting 3D graphics and small stakes, it became one of the most played slot games because of the popularity of the film and the very high payback. One could put in as little as 1 cent and hopefully walk away with a million dollars.

The Justice League

Although not a very popular film franchise, The Justice League was, and very much is, a very popular comic book franchise which is a crossover of different DC comics characters. The game features iconic comic characters like Batman, Superman Catwoman etc and has very high payback. Here the stakes are a bit higher but the payback is promising and very high.

The Justice League

Man of Steel

Based on the more modern approach of Superman by Henry Cavill, this Superman based slot game has 5 reels and 25 lines. Even though it cannot claim a very high earnings, the stakes are very low and therefore it is a good bet to make. There are good bonus modes and multipliers as well.

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